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Sainsbury’s cycle-to-work scheme

    Cycle to work Sainsburys

    Cycle to work Sainsburys scheme is an initiative by Sainsbury’s to encourage people to cycle to their place of employment on their bikes and help them save money on the usual cost of commuting. This initiative comes with various benefits and features necessary for adequately functioning this scheme, which will be discussed in detail in this article. However, before that, one must understand what it means to cycle to Work and its advantages, which will be covered briefly here.

    How does the scheme work?

    The idea behind the initiative is that if people are provided with a new bike and some help with their first few months’ worths of cycle commuting costs, they will be more likely to make it a long-term commitment. It is estimated that 75% of the bikes given out under this program have been bought by employers who want their employees to become more active and commute by bike rather than car.

    What are the benefits of Cycle to work Sainsburys?

    Cycle to work Sainsburys

    Cycling to Work is an excellent way of getting exercise, reducing air pollution, and keeping yourself in shape. And if your employer offers a cycle-to-work scheme, it can be easy to get the bike of your dreams without having to fork out for it upfront. Sainsbury’s cycle-to-work plan covers the cost of the bike, safety equipment, and maintenance.

    Discount on the cost of bike or cycle

    The Cycle To Work Scheme allows employees to purchase a new bike or bicycle and then enjoy significant tax benefits by using it for commuting. The benefits are all the more enticing with Sainsbury’s, which offers 10% off bikes and cycles when purchased through their Cycle To Work Scheme.

    Getting exercise that makes an employee active 

    Cycling is a great way to get in shape, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Cycle to Work is one of the UK’s most popular benefits schemes, which allows employees to buy a bike tax-free and repay it gradually through salary deductions. Benefits like these mean that cycling will never be more affordable or accessible than now.

    Reducing Pollution by using cycles rather than car

    Cycle to work Sainsburys

    Cycling is not only better for your health, but it is also better for the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that cars produce 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. This means that cycling has a much smaller carbon footprint than driving a car, which means less pollution and cleaner air.

    What is the process of availing of the cycle-to-work scheme?

    To avail of the Cycle to Work Scheme, you’ll need to complete a form available online or from your local store. The form asks for your name and address, the bike information, and the date it will be delivered.

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    Step 1: Speak to your HR department and request a certificate

    Sainsbury’s offers a ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ that enables employees to buy a bike, helmet, and lock per week. To take advantage of the scheme, speak with your HR department, who will provide you with a certificate stating that they have paid for the bike. 

    You’ll then be able to purchase any bike up to this value from your local Sainsbury store or on their website.

    Step 2: Take the certificate to the relevant bike shop

    Cycle to work Sainsburys

    The next step is to take your certificate to the bike shop and make a purchase. The amount of money you will be able to spend on a bike depends on how much your employer pays into the scheme each year. For example, if an employer pays more into the cycle-to-work scheme annually, employees will be able to buy a bike at less cost.

    Step 3: Show the certificate against the cost of the bike and equipment

    The certificate is valid for 12 months and can be used in one go or split up. You’ll need a photo ID (passport, driving license, or photocard), and your bike must be new. You’ll also need to take a bike safety test with the BikeSafe team.

    What kind of bike do they provide?

    Sainsbury’s provides a bike, depending on the model. The bike must be returned at the end of the agreement and cannot be sold. You are also required to cover any maintenance costs for the duration of the agreement. Some employees might need e-bikes because of the hilly area they have to cross every day to reach Work. As a result, there are no limitations regarding cycles to work schemes since some people might have physical disabilities.

    The amount spent on this scheme depends on the employer’s economic situation, however. Employers are generally not required to pay more than a thousand pounds. Employees and colleagues find the cycle-to-work scheme very helpful. Motivating employees through this scheme is very effective.

    Cycle to Work Sainsburys Provide E-bike

    Cycle to work Sainsburys

    If you are considering buying an electric bike, we recommend checking out the Cycle to Work Scheme. This is where your employer buys the bike, and it becomes your property. The great thing is that no tax, VAT, or interest is charged on this purchase. You also get a  discount on any accessories you buy with the bike, including helmets and locks.

    Cycle to work Sainsbury’s Provide Tri-cycle

    Sainsbury’s Cycle To Work Scheme is one of the best in the market, with a number of different tri-cycle options for employees. If you are lucky enough to be eligible for this scheme, this blog post will give you all the information on how it works and what cycling benefits it has.

    The eligibility criteria for availing of Sainsbury’s cycle-to-work scheme

    The criteria for availing of the program are not so specific. Just applicants should be full-time employees of Sainsbury’s. The following employees are not eligible: those in management; those on temporary or fixed term contracts; agency staff; third party contractors; and any other person employed by the company but not as a permanent, full-time employee. It is also necessary for applicants to have been with their employer for at least three months before applying.

    Equipment that is included in the process of tax exemption

    1. The bike, helmet, and lock are included in the tax exemption process. 
    2. You can choose your bike from over 4,000 bikes at a discounted price. 
    3. Bikes come with a warranty that covers any parts that are faulty or damaged. 
    4. If your bike gets stolen, we will replace it for free.

    Are self-employed people able to avail of this scheme?

    No, self-employed people are not able to avail of this scheme. You can have the bike or scooter delivered to your home, but you will have to find a way of collecting it from the store.


    Sainsbury’s and Cycle scheme are teaming up to offer a Cycle-to-Work Scheme to help you save money, stay fit and reduce your carbon footprint. With the Cycle-to-Work Scheme, you can get a fantastic bike for free, with great benefits. As an employee of Sainsbury’s, all you have to do is sign up and then simply pay from your salary with no other commitments.

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